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​Mini Calzones​

Mini calzones are great for any buffet or event. These crispy, Italian Cornish pasty style pizza dish are for eating with your hands, and filled full of delicious gooey…

Mains/ Snacks

Onion Bhaji​

Crispy onion bhajis are a tasty and diverse treat. They are commonly used as a side dish to curries but can also be used in a burger or as…

Desserts/ Mains/ Snacks

Tart Base

A basic tart base opens a variety of doors for any aspiring cook. This base can be pair with a complex range of fillings and flavours. Customise the base…

Mains/ Snacks

Spring Roll Burritos

Spring roll burritos are a fusion of Mexican and Asian cuisine. Created as a simple alternative to traditional spring rolls that provide a substantial tasty dish. Because of the…

Mains/ Snacks

Christmas Pizza

The Christmas leftover pizza is full of texture and flavour! It is ideal for a boxing day night. However, I feel you may not want to save this dish…